STERLIX® Peptone Water Broth Ready To Use Medium

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Peptone water base, also known as peptone water, is a liquid medium commonly used in microbiology laboratories for the cultivation and maintenance of bacterial cultures. It serves as a simple and versatile medium for various applications, such as bacterial suspension preparation, bacterial enrichment, and non-selective growth.

The basic composition of peptone water base includes:

Peptone: Peptone is a mixture of partially digested proteins obtained from various sources, such as meat, casein, or soy. It serves as a nutrient source, providing amino acids and other essential nutrients necessary for bacterial growth.

Water: Water serves as a solvent and diluent for the other components, maintaining the appropriate consistency of the medium.

Peptone water base is typically prepared by dissolving peptone in water, resulting in a clear or slightly turbid liquid medium. The exact concentration of peptone and the pH of the medium may vary depending on the specific application or the desired growth conditions.

Peptone water base has several uses in microbiology, including:

Bacterial suspension preparation:
Peptone water is often used as a diluent for preparing bacterial suspensions or inocula for various microbiological tests, such as antimicrobial susceptibility testing, biochemical testing, or quality control procedures.

Bacterial enrichment: Peptone water can be employed as an enrichment broth to promote the growth of fastidious or injured bacteria, facilitating their recovery from clinical or environmental samples.

Non-selective growth: Peptone water base can support the growth of a wide range of bacteria without inhibiting any specific group. It is often used as a non-selective medium for the cultivation and maintenance of bacterial cultures, particularly when the nutritional requirements are not well defined or when a minimal growth medium is desired.

It is important to note that peptone water base does not contain any selective agents or indicators for specific organisms or properties. If selective or differential characteristics are required, additional supplements or specific media should be used in combination with peptone water base.
The preparation and use of peptone water base may vary depending on the specific laboratory protocols, applications, or desired experimental conditions. It is recommended to follow established laboratory procedures and guidelines for the preparation and utilization of peptone water base.